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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find answers to your questions below, please contact one of our Merchant Account support representatives for assistance.

expandWhat do I need to get started?

Nothing, just a website. Everything you need is integrated into the application you will fill out and submit online.

expandHow long does it take to fill out the online application?

About 10 minutes!

expandWhat browser settings should I have when filling out the online application?

Be sure your browser works with SSL (most do) and that cookies are enabled.

expandIs your online merchant application secure?

Absolutely, the Online Application is secure and uses SSL encryption technology.

expandHow long will it take to activate my merchant account?

Merchant accounts are activated 24 hours after approval.

expandWill I be able to accept American Express and Discover?

Yes. When you are filling out the online application, you will be asked if you want to accept Amex and Discover. You simply select the appropriate check boxes. Because Amex and Discover accounts are set up outside of Visa/MasterCard, we will submit a separate application to those organizations in your behalf.

expandWill my per transaction rates be the same for American Express and Discover?

No. If you choose to accept Amex and Discover, Amex charges 3.25% per transaction and Discover charges approximately 2.3-2.5% per transaction. Visa and MasterCard charges 2.35%.

expandWhat happens when a shopper places an order?

The shopper will receive email notification that an order has been placed and their credit card has been approved. You (the merchant) will also receive email notification that you have received an order.

expandHow will I get paid for credit card transactions?

Funds are electronically deposited into your business checking account within 48-72 hours of processing the sale.

expandWill I receive statements?

Yes. Statements are sent on a monthly basis.

expandWhat credit card types can I accept?

You are activated for Visa and MasterCard when you fill out the Online Application. We will set-up other card types for you when you mark that on your application.

expandWhat type of bank account do I need?

A U.S. checking account.

expandI live outside of the U.S.  Can I use the Online Application?

Yes. As long as you have a U.S. checking account, you can still acquire a merchant account and sign up through our Online Application.

expandI already have a retail merchant account. Why do I need another one?

It is against Visa/MasterCard regulations to process Internet transactions through your retail account; so another merchant account needs to be set-up.

expandWhat information will I need to complete the Online Application?

You will submit information about your business as well as information on the business owner. The application is an industry standard credit card acceptance application (Tax ID - for US Corporations only, Social Security Number/Social Insurance Number and Checking Account and Routing numbers).

expandHow do I know my merchant application was received?

You will receive a confirmation email within seconds after submitting your online application.

expandWho reviews the information on my application?

Our underwriting department confirms that the application is in compliance with Visa/MasterCard regulations.

expandWhat happens after my application is approved?

You will receive your start-up information, by email, the next day.

expandIf I have more questions about becoming a merchant or about the application process, whom can I contact?

Our contact information can be found under "Merchant Account" on our Contact Us page.

expandWhat is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway manages the actual verification and processing of online credit card payments.

expandHow do I get my payment gateway set-up?

Once your application is completed you will be assigned a Gateway ID. If you use the SecureNetShop Shopping Cart, follow these instructions.

  1. Log into the Shopping Cart Administration Area.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Payment Gateway.
  4. Click on the name of the payment gateway you were issued (displayed in the approval email notice you will receive).
  5. Enter your payment gateway ID code in the appropriate box.

You are now ready to process your orders in real-time! If you do not use the SecureNetShop Shopping Cart, contact your shopping cart provider regarding the setup of your payment gateway.

expandWhat is Address Verification Service (AVS)?

This is another security feature to help prevent fraud. The customer enters their billing address, and it is verified against the address of file for that credit card number.

expandAre there any additional security features?

In addition to the secure gateway and AVS features, a highly trained risk management team monitors each transaction.

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