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Web Site Shopping Cart Software Setup

Adding the web's #1 shopping cart software to your web site is easy! You can create basic "Add to Cart" buttons for your website or include any number of product options (e.g., small, medium, large).

Step 1: Update Settings

After ordering, you will log in to the web Shopping Cart Administration Area and adjust your shopping cart's payment options, shipping methods, sales tax, discounts, colors, along with a host of other customizable features.

Admin Settings

Step 2: Add Your Products

After updating your internet shopping cart settings, you will enter information about each product you sell on your web site, such as the product name, description and price. You can also upload all of your product data at once. This can be a challenge with other shopping carts but we make it easy with our Product Import tool.

Admin Products

Step 3: Copy and Paste

As you add each product to our database, you will be given the exact html code needed to link your web site to our shopping cart. You will simply copy and paste the html code for your web site shopping cart into a page of your web site.

Your customers can now add the items you offer to their shopping cart!

This is just one way to set up our electronic commerce shopping cart with your website. There are a variety of features to choose from. For example, if you sold shirts, inventory can be tracked on groups of options (e.g., blue, medium shirts tracked separately from green, large shirts). Product options can also add to the price of the product (e.g., Add $2 for x-large) and they're a great tool for up-selling!

Admin HTML

Check out our online shopping cart software demo to see what our product can do for you.